May Twofer: A Jewish + Asian Intersectional Booklist

The month of May is "heritage month" for a number of cultures in the United States. Uppermost in my mind, of course, is Jewish American Heritage Month, established in 2006. Asian American and Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander Month is also celebrated in May, as is Haitian Heritage Month.
While I can't think of any children's books that include both Jewish and Haitian content, I am aware of a number of titles that include Jewish and Asian characters, and in some cases, characters who have a combined Jewish/Asian identity. Here, then, is my two-for-one booklist, celebrating both Jewish American Heritage Month and Asian American and Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander Month, at the same time. 

Please note that I have not read all of these books myself, so cannot vouch for their quality. On the other hand, some of these are books or authors I've podcasted about, and if so I'll provide a link. If you have any feedback about these titles, or any others to suggest, please leave a comment!

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  • The Enduring Ark by Joydeb Chitrakar
  • It's Tot Shabbat by Naomi Danis 
  • We Are Jewish Faces by Debra Darvick
  • Queen of the Hanukkah Dosas by Pamela Ehrenberg
  • Change Sings by Amanda Gorman 
  • No Steps Behind: Beata Sirota Gordon's Battle for Women's Rights in Japan by Jeff Gottesfeld
  • No Pig's Brain Soup, Please by Gail Greenberg 
  • Celebrate Hanukkah with Light, Latkes, and Dreidels by Deborah Heiligman 
  • Celebrate Passover with Matzah, Maror, and Memories by Deborah Heiligman 
  • Celebrate Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur with Honey, Prayers, and the Shofar by Deborah Heiligman 
  • The Cholent Brigade by Michael Herman
  • Shanghai Sukkah by Heidi Smith Hyde 
  • Matzah Craze by Jamie Kiffel-Alcheh
  • It's Challah Time; It's Hanukkah Time; It's Purim Time; It's Seder Time; It's Shofar Time; It's Sukkah Time - all by Latifa Berry Kropf 
  • Pearl Moscowitz's Last Stand by Arthur Levine
  • Chicken Soup, Chicken Soup by Pamela Mayer 
  • A Scarf for Keiko by Ann Malaspina 
  • All Are Welcome Here by Alexandra Penfold
  • The Ninth Night of Hanukkah by Erica Perl
  • Chik Chak Shabbat by Mara Rockliff
  • Mitzvah Pizza by Sarah Lynn Scheerger 
  • What Makes Someone a Jew? by Lauren Seidman
  • Rebecca's Journey Home by Brynn Olenberg Sugarman
  • Matzo Ball-Wonton Thanksgiving by Amelie Suskind Liu and Leslie Lewinter-Suskind
  • I Have a Jewish Name by Rochel Vorst

  • The Magical Imperfect by Chris Baron 
  • Letters from Cuba by Ruth Behar
  • Lucky Broken Girl by Ruth Behar
  • Mira in the Present Tense by Sita Brahmachari 
  • The Lost RyĆ« by Emi Watanabe Cohen 
  • A Place at the Table by Saadia Faruqi and Laura Shovan
  • My Basmati Bat Mitzvah by Paula J. Freedman 
  • I Wanna Be Your Shoebox by Cristina Garcia
  • How to Find What You're Not Looking For by Veera Hiranandani  
  • The Whole Story of Half a Girl by Veera Hiranandani
  • Quake!: Disaster in San Francisco, 1906 by Gail Langer Karwoski
  • Reyna and the Jade Star [Asian] by Robin K. Levinson 
  • The Golem and the Dragon Girl by Sonia Levitin 
  • Welcome Back, Maple Mehta-Cohen by Kate McGovern 
  • Click Here to Start by Denis Markell 
  • Ana on the Edge by A.J. Sass
  • Ellen Outside the Lines by A.J. Sass
  • Not Your All-American Girl by Madelyn Rosenberg & Wendy Wan-Long Shang
  • This is Just a Test by Madelyn Rosenberg & Wendy Wan-Long Shang
  • Chloe Lieberman (Sometimes Wong) by Carrie Rosten
  • Shanghai Shadows by Lois Ruby
  • Legends of the Chinese Jews of Kaifeng by Xu Xin 
  • Anya's War by Andrea Alban 
  • Yes, No, Maybe So by Becky Albertalli & Aisha Saeed
  • Alma Presses Play by Tina Cane
  • Someday We Will Fly by Rachel DeWoskin
  • What I Like About You by Marisa Kanter
  • Lessons in Fusion by Primrose Madayag Knazan
  • Continuum by Chella Man 
  • The Prophetess by Evonne Marzouk
  • See You Yesterday by Rachel Lynn Solomon 
  • Orchards by Holly Thompson
  • Black Mirror by Nancy Werlin


Lois Ruby said…
How about Shanghai Shadows, by Lois Ruby?