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13th Blog Carnival of Children's Literature

Ever heard of a Blog Carnival? Here's a description from the blog Chicken Spaghetti : A "carnival" takes place at one blog; it is a conglomeration of links (from many different blogs) to posts on a certain theme. Children's books and reading are the focus of the Carnival of Children's Literature. Carnivals generally include one post from each blog who wants to join in. The Book of Life participated in the 13th Carnival of Children's Literature , hosted at Jen Robinson's Book Page . Jen's blog promotes the love of reading among children and the continued reading of children's books by adults, a sentiment I heartily agree with! The Carnival has links to children's-literature-related posts from a wide variety of literary blogs. Our post, which relates to the Sydney Taylor Book Awards, can be found in the section labeled "The Midway (About Prizes and Awards)."

The Book of Life and the Power of Books

LISTEN TO THE PODCAST      🕮    Next month we will post our 18th episode! The number 18 is lucky in Jewish tradition because its numerological value is "chai" (Hebrew for "life"). In celebration, we invite you to "say chai" to the folks in your life! We'll be reading your shout-outs on the show, like Garrison Keillor does after intermission on A Prairie Home Companion. Send in a message for your friends or family by emailing today! In this episode of The Book of Life, a show about Jewish people and the books we read, we celebrate the power of books to sustain the Jewish people. We'll hear from: > Jonathan Kirsch , author of Biblical non-fiction such as The Harlot by the Side of the Road, God Against the Gods, and A History of the End of the World . He'll be the keynote speaker at the Association of Jewish Libraries convention on June 17, 2007 in Scottsdale, Arizona. > Nancy Kalikow Maxwell, autho