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Bells & Whistles: How to Call In, Live

LISTEN TO THE PODCAST     🕮    In this special "Bells & Whistles" edition of The Book of Life, host Heidi Estrin gives instructions for accessing the live Book of Life call-in show being held on Thursday, February 7, 2008, 3-4pm EST. The theme of the February 7 program is "Funny, That Book Doesn't Look Jewish" and our guest will be Pamela Ehrenberg, author of the middle-grade novel Ethan, Suspended . We'll take calls about Ethan, Suspended , and about what makes a book Jewish in general. What follows is a transcript of the podcast, for those of you who prefer written to auditory instructions: On Thursday February 7, 2008 from 3 to 4 pm eastern standard time, The Book of Life will host a live call-in show using the Talkshoe service. The show is entitled "Funny, That Book Doesn't Look Jewish." Our special guest will be Pamela Ehrenberg, author of the middle grade novel Ethan, Suspended , and our discussion topic will be what make

Empowerment for the New Year

LISTEN TO THE PODCAST      🕮    This January 2008 episode offers themes of empowerment with these interviews: > Raz Godelnik, founder of Eco-Libris , planting a tree for each book you read > Chana Rothman , whose debut album We Can Rise shows off her "female-fronted earthy groove" > Linda Silver, creator of The Jewish Values Finder, a database and book identifying values in Jewish children's books > Rachel Kamin, chair of the Sydney Taylor Book Award Committee, describing the 2008 winners of this award for Jewish lit for kids and teens NEWS: February 7, 2008, 3-4pm EST The Book of Life will host a live call-in show on the theme "Funny, That Book Doesn't Look Jewish!" Pam Ehrenberg , author of the middle-grade novel Ethan, Suspended , will be our guest, and we'll take calls for YOU, the audience! Please join us by calling in - instructions for particpating will appear on our web site: CRED

The 2008 Sydney Taylor Book Awards Video

The winners of the 2008 Sydney Taylor Book Awards for the best in Jewish literature for children and teens have just been announced! Rachel Kamin, award committee chair, will be our guest on the January episode of The Book of Life. While you are waiting for that interview, please enjoy this video announcement of the awards! More info at or .