Thursday, May 25, 2017

Feminism, Podcasted: an Interview with The Book of Life's Heidi Rabinowitz

The Jewish Women's Archive blog, Jewesses With Attitude, interviewed me about The Book of Life! They asked me about why I decided to start a podcast dedicated to Jewish literature and arts; why women storytellers have a harder time than men storytellers; and what The Book of Life and JWA’s podcast Can We Talk? have in common.


Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Almost a Minyan

Author Lori Kline, publisher Debra Winegarten, illustrator Susan Simon
Almost a Minyan by Lori S. Kline, illustrated by Susan Simon, is a picture book about a Jewish girl reaching the age where she can help her community pray. The book is traditional and groundbreaking at the same time, depicting an egalitarian, multiracial, observant Jewish community. I spoke to author Lori Kline and publisher Debra Winegarten of Sociosights Press together, by phone at Lori's house in Austin, Texas. Almost a Minyan is the Jewish Women's Archive Children's Book Pick for 2017. Share these discussion questions with the young readers in your life.

Thanks to Patreon patrons Jennie Gates Beckman, Leah Berkowitz, Christine Ertl, and April Halprin Wayland, whose donations helped me purchase a new digital voice recorder for podcasting (a Zoom H4N, if you're wondering). Author Suzanne Nelson is still waiting to send you an autographed copy of Serendipity's Footsteps for becoming a Book of Life patron!



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