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She's a Mensch: Two Collective Biographies of Jewish Women

By a surprising coincidence, two separate collective biographies of Jewish women are being published this year, both entitled She's A Mensch . Coming out on May 15 is She's a Mensch: 10 Amazing Jewish Women by Anne Dublin (Second Story Press) for ages 9-12, and coming out on September 1 is She's a Mensch: Jewish Women Who Rocked the World (Intergalactic Afikomen) by mother-daughter duo Rachelle Burk and Alana Barouch, for ages 5-10. In honor of Mother's Day, I bring you a joint interview with Anne, Rachelle, and Alana about their menschy books! Anne, Rachelle, and Alana, coincidentally your books are both called She's A Mensch . How did you choose that title? ANNE: My publisher (Second Story Press) and I tried several titles out, but She’s a Mensch! resonated with all of us. My late father used to say (in Yiddish) about a person he admired: “He’s a mensch” or “She’s a mensch.” That compliment is one of the highest one can bestow upon a person and therefore has a

SLJ Article "Beyond Tradition"

I was so pleased to be interviewed for this article in the May 2023 issue of School Library Journal! Thank you to Marlaina Cockcroft for including me and for tackling this subject. You can read the article below or on the SLJ website here .  

A Sky Full of Song

LISTEN TO THE PODCAST     |    READ THE TRANSCRIPT     |    BUY THE BOOK     🕮    When I read Susan Lynn Meyer's middle grade novel, A Sky Full of Song , I was swept away by her descriptions of the North Dakota prairie and really touched by the characters' struggles with prejudice, assimilation, and identity. This story is one of those in which the specific is also the universal. It showcases a quintessential American experience and at he same time, a very Jewish experience. I thought it would be a perfect interview to bring to you this May for Jewish American Heritage Month.  LEARN MORE: Visit Susan Lynn Meyer's website Buy A Sky Full of Song Tikkun Olam suggestion: support American Prairie Visit Heidi's Jewish American Heritage Month resource Keep an eye out for a Mother's Day interview on May 15 about She's a Mensch at   CREDITS: Produced by Feldman Children's Library at Congregation B'nai Israel Co-sponsored by the Associat