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Funny, That Book Doesn't Look Jewish

LISTEN TO THE PODCAST      🕮    The Book of Life hosted a live, call-in show on February 7, 2008 with special guest Pamela Ehrenberg, author of Ethan, Suspended . Our discussion topic was "what makes a book Jewish?" This recording of the call-in show has been edited for clarity and sound quality, but is essentially the same show heard by those who listened live on the big day. Many of those who called in are well-known as authors or bloggers. Follow these links to learn more about the voices you hear on this episode (listed alphabetically): > Maggie Anton, author of the series Rashi's Daughters > Barbara Bietz , author of Like a Maccabee , and blogger at Barbara's Book Blog > Marie Cloutier, blogger at The Boston Bibliophile > June Cummins , Associate Professor of English & Comparative Literature at San Diego State University > Andi Davidson, past member of the Sydney Taylor Book Award Committee > Pamela Ehrenberg , author of

Live Show a Success

The Book of Life's experimental live call-in show was held yesterday, and it was a success! A number of people called to share opinions about our featured book, Ethan, Suspended , and about what defines a Jewish book. The show was recorded, and I'm editing it now; soon it will be added to the regular podcast line-up. I apologize in advance for the sound quality. My own voice sounds kind of broken up, while other callers came through loud and clear. I may, in fact, try re-recording my own comments if I can get it to integrate with the rest of the conversation. Many of our callers were well-known figures within the Judaic literary community, so I will provide links in the show notes to lead you back to some of their special projects (blogs, books, and so on). Thanks so much to everyone who called and to everyone who listened live, and thanks again to featured guest author Pamela Ehrenberg!