Running for My Life

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    🕮    Mental Illness Awareness Week (MIAW) is Oct. 4-10, 2009, so this is the perfect time to post my interview with Ann Gonzalez, author of Running For My Life.

Ann talks about her mother's mental illness, her own PTSD, and her writing. Ann put in the winning bid for a Book of Life interview in the Bridget Zinn Auction earlier this year, which raised money to assist librarian/author Bridget Zinn with her cancer treatments.

While Running for My Life is not a book of Jewish content, it's a topic that's pertinent to everyone and I believe that Ann has done a mitzvah by bringing making this subject matter accessible to young readers.


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Marie Cloutier said…
Steve Luxenberg's memoir/research piece Annie's Ghosts would be a great choice for the topic of mental illness. And it's about a Jewish family and includes some immigration/assimilation-type content although little to nothing in the way of religion per se. for my review.