Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Podcasters Across Borders: Connie Crosby


Connie Crosby is a law librarian in Toronto, Canada. She was one of the very interesting people I met this summer at Podcasters Across Borders, a conference by and for podcasters. This is the first of three Podcasters Across Borders episodes you'll be hearing on The Book of Life.

Connie gave a presentation on The ShanachieTour, a library roadtrip around the world. It was very exciting to me, as a fellow podcaster and librarian, to hear Connie talk about the inspirational storytelling of The Shanachies, so I asked her to describe her presentation for us in this brief interview.
Connie is currently working on a professional guide book for Neal-Schuman, Effective Blogging for Libraries. To help her gather information about blogging in the library world, please take her survey.


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