Missing Links

When I posted my interview with Ann Gonzales, I forgot to give you the links for the other authors who had placed bids on a Book of Life interview in the Bridget Zinn Auction. I had mentioned in the podcast that I would give you the links to these other worthy books, so here they are, better late than never.

Jan Godown Annino is the author of Florida's Famous Animals and she contributed to The Book of the Everglades, The Southeast and Piedmont: A Literary Field Guide, Scenic Driving in Florida, Family Fun in Florida, and The Florida Handbook. She has a forthcoming picture book biography (March 2010) called She Sang Promise, about Betty Mae Tiger Jumper, with art by Lisa Desimini.

Dr. Kathleen Reilly Fallon is Co-Founder and Chairwoman of the Heavenly Productions Foundation, whose mission is to help children in distress. She sang on the CD for Heavenly Skies and Lullabies, part of a book-and-CD set which is dedicated to the Babies & Orphans of 9-11-01.


Hello Heidi -
Appreciations for this kind introduction on your blog.
It's a delight to find this today, in a serendipity way.
Joy + Blessings to you always.
: Jan Annino