Jewish Book Carnival: March 2020

The Jewish Book Carnival is a monthly roundup of Jewish literary links from across the blogosphere. Here at The Book of Life, I am pleased to present the March 2020 Jewish Book Carnival!

The Association of Jewish Libraries invites Jewish and non-Jewish bloggers to participate in a new anti-bias project, Through the Window: A Diversity Exchange.

At Life Is Like a Library, Chava Pinchuck reviews the new English translation of Kalman Samuels' book, Dreams Never Dreamed.

Howard Lovy interviewed author Roberta Kwall in Publishers Weekly about her book Remix Judaism.

Shira Yael Klein reviewed the novel Don't Tell Ima on The Rachack Review.

On her My Machberet blog, Erika Dreifus routinely compiles news of Jewish literary interest. Here's one recent post.

On her blog, Book Q&As with Deborah Kalb, Deborah interviewed author Anita Abriel about her new historical novel, The Light After the War.

Ever thought about creating a space for writers where you live? Read Gila Green's interview with Nadia Jacobson to find out how one writer created community.

Here's an interview with debut author Jennifer Voigt Kaplan about her book, Crushing the Red Flowers, at The Whole Megillah.

At Jewish Books for Kids, interview with author Joy Nelkin Wieder about her adorable new picture book, The Passover Mouse.

In time for the holiday, Yaakov Wasserman explores 'what does Passover mean to us?' while reviewing As If We Were There: Readings for a Transformative Passover Experience.

The Sydney Taylor Shmooze, a new mock award blog, shares the experience of seeing the Sydney Taylor Book Awards presented live at the American Library Association midwinter meeting.

And here at The Book of Life, I interviewed author Jeff Gottesfeld about his book No Steps Behind: Beate Sirota Gordon's Battle for Women's Rights in Japan (and yes, it is a Jewish book).