If you have written or illustrated a new Jewish book, I invite you to take part in The Book of Life's COVID-19 response, Books in the Time of Coronavirus. 

I know the coronavirus closures are affecting many book launches with cancelled tours, school visits, book birthdays, etc. If you are an author or illustrator in that situation, I invite you to virtually promote your book on The Book of Life Podcast. Here's how: I will supply a few questions for you to answer. You record yourself and send me the audio file. 

During this crazy pandemic, I'm glad to find a way to do something constructive. Thanks for participating in this podcasting project! Please read all instructions below and let me know if you have any questions. Thanks! - Heidi

  • This project is meant to help those whose promotional events got cancelled due to coronavirus shutdowns. For now, I'm looking for those who were planning to promote new books at events March-May. If the shutdowns continue beyond that, I'll extend the project.
  • Jewish books for kids or adults are welcome.
  • Please aim for a recording of  less than 15 minutes.
  • Be aware that I may edit your recording for clarity or length.
  • If possible, please send me your recording by March 31, 2020. If that's impossible, send it as soon as you can after that. 
  • If you are able to send me a review copy of the book, I would appreciate it, but you can still participate even if that's not possible. If you CAN send me a book, please write to me at and I'll give you my address. I understand that there might be a delay in sending review copies and that's fine.

The best way to get a recording to me is to use Otter Voice Meeting Notes , which is a free recording and transcription service. You can use it on your computer (if your computer has a microphone) or download the app and record on your phone. Once you've made a recording, just click the Share button near the top (looks like a person with a +) and type in Heidi Rabinowitz.
If you prefer another recording method, that's ok. Just send me the Mp3 file by email or share with me via Google Drive or Dropbox.

Note: You do not need to read the questions aloud on the recording. Instead you can incorporate the questions into your answers as in the examples below.

1. Please introduce yourself: give your name, the title and publisher of your book, and tell us when your book is coming out. You can also tell a little about yourself, such as where you live, and what book promotion events you had to cancel because of coronavirus.
EXAMPLE "Hi, this is Jane Doe, author of The Best Book Ever published in March 2020 by SuperDuper Press. I'm from Anatevka. I was going to promote my book at..."

2. Give a brief description of your book. What is it about? What age readers is it meant for?
EXAMPLE "The Best Book Ever is a picture book for elementary school readers. It's about..."

3. Tell us what inspired you to write this book.
EXAMPLE "I was inspired to write this book when I learned about..."

4. Was there anything you were saving to share on your cancelled book tour/school visit/other event, like a funny story, or a prop? A costume or your lucky outfit? Tell us about what we are missing, or tell us what you would have said at the event.
EXAMPLE "On my book tour, I was planning to tell audiences about..."

5. Where can people get your book? Keep in mind that right now e-books are the healthiest option, and online ordering is the best option after that. Personally, I like to support independent bookstores by suggesting that people order from or (and I try to avoid Amazon: here's why). If you agree, you can mention,, or independent bookstores in your answer.
EXAMPLE "People can get my book at ..."

6. You can also tell people where to find more info about you.
EXAMPLE  "You can find me online at my website at www...."
7. Is there anything else you'd like to say?
EXAMPLE "I also want to mention..."

Bonus Question: If you've listened to The Book of Life, you know I have a Tikkun Olam segment where I invite guests to share their suggestions for actions listeners can take to heal the world, big or small. Please feel free to share a Tikkun Olam suggestion.
EXAMPLE "I'd like to invite everyone listening to help heal the world with this Tikkun Olam action. I think we should all..." 

You can give closure to the recording by saying thanks, wishing people well, etc.
EXAMPLE "Thanks for having me on the show. I hope everyone stays healthy and reads lots of good books."

Let me know if you have any questions at