Why Be Social? Part 3, Suggestions


     🕮    Why Be Social? To add a Jewish point of view to the social media landscape!

At the Association of Jewish Libraries 2009 convention in Chicago this summer, podcaster Mark Blevis led a session on Social Media that opened the floodgates of people's curiosity. Convention attendees wanted to learn more about social media: what it is, what it means to participate, and how to get started. As a continuation of that conversation, The Book of Life is offering a series of podcast episodes called "Why Be Social?" Here's Part 1 and Part 2.

This is Why Be Social, Part 3. I hope the earlier episodes in this series have gotten you interested checking out some real live blogs and podcasts. There are zillions of blog and podcast websites online, so where do you get started? Here with some suggestions of blogs and podcasts relating to Jewish literature is Alx Block, Online Sales and Marketing Manager for the Jewish Publication Society. Scroll down for links to those suggestions, and to a list of blogs and other social media sites that are read by, and sometimes created by, individual members of the Association of Jewish Libraries. Have fun checking them out!

Here are links to the blogs and podcasts we talk about in this episode (in order discussed):

Social media recommendations by Association of Jewish Libraries members:

Barbara Bibel says: I like Karen Schneider's blog, "Free Range Librarian." I also like the blogs that Booklist Online has. I contribute to one of them, "Points of Reference."

Ezra Chwat suggests: Giluy Milta B’'alma
In this blog, we present primary publications, or announcements of new and interesting findings, in Hebrew manuscripts. Often, significant discoveries are not on the scale of a full-size periodical article, but are nonetheless worthy of knowing about. This department is also a good place to announce preliminary findings, in order to arouse discussion and input of fellow scholars, before the final and complete publication. Your short article, or announcement (subject to the discretion of the editors) will be posted on our blog and will be stored in the blogs retrievable archive, as well as in a hardcopy archive. The archive which will be stored in the stacks of the National Library of Israel, and each accepted post will be allotted a serial number for bibliographic citation (this post is numbered GMB0001). Post your discoveries, findings, and previews in a short article (3 printed pages or less), at giluy.milta@gmail.com.

Marie Cloutier
says: I blog about books (Jewish and non-) at www.bostonbibliophile.com. I also for Temple Israel at tisraelbostonsummerinthecity.blogspot.com (say that 3x fast). I'm active on Twitter (@bostonbibliophl), LibraryThing, Delicious and other applications. I used to listen to a lot of podcasts but have tapered that off substantially and now listen to Book of Life and Books on the Nightstand.

Heidi Estrin (me): I host The Book of Life podcast and blog, and I helped AJL establish its blog and podcast. I also blog for AJL's South Florida chapter at www.sfajl.org, and occassionally for the Sydney Taylor Book Award at sydneytaylorbookaward.blogspot.com.

I love to listen to these great podcasts:

And a few of the blogs that I read are:

Val Morehouse
My personal blog called HoopDance [poetry, books, podcasts, etc.] is at www.valmorehouse.com.

Linda Silver is the force behind the Jewish Values Finder database at http://jewishlibraries.org/Jewish_Values_Finder. She says: I read many political blogs, esp. those having to do with Israel. I read some book-related stuff, such as the (mostly trivial) newsletters from SLJ, Kirkus, and PW that appear among my email messages.

Karen Ulric gave us two whole lists:

Library Blogs

• Gargoyles loose in the library
• Google Librarian Central
Google Librarian Newsletter Google Group
Killin' time being lazy
Librarians' Internet Index: New This Week
Library Garden
Library of Congress Blog
Library of Congress: News
NPR Blogs: As A Matter Of Fact
People of the Books
The Shifted Librarian

Literature Blogs
A Fuse #8 Production
Brooklyn Arden
educating alice
• Hennepin County Library - Bookspace Blog
Judge a Book by its Cover
Muller In the Middle
NPR Topics: Books
Saints and Spinners
• The Longstockings
Ypulse: Media for the Next Generation

Jane Zande says: Besides The Book of Life and the AJL blog, I regularly read Marie Cloutier's blog, The Boston Bibliophile. A part of her blog is just for Jewish books:



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Barbara Bietz said…
Heidi and Alyx,

Thank you so much for your shout-out and kind words about my blog. Those of us who blog and pod cast about books know it is truly a work of love. We have a bond with our readers and listeners that creates a meaningful community. Social media provides numerous opportunities to reach out beyond our homes and offices. Thanks for all you do!
Ann Kingman said…
Thank you to Heidi and Marie for listing Books on the Nightstand as a favorite books podcast -- we're honored! I will definitely listen to the "Why Be Social" series; I think it's a great idea.