Why Be Social? Part 2, Definitions



     🕮    Why Be Social? To add a Jewish point of view to the social media landscape!

At the Association of Jewish Libraries 2009 convention in Chicago this summer, podcaster Mark Blevis led a session on Social Media that opened the floodgates of people's curiosity. Convention attendees wanted to learn more about social media: what it is, what it means to participate, and how to get started. As a continuation of that conversation, The Book of Life is offering a series of podcast episodes called "Why Be Social?" Click here for Part 1.

This is Why Be Social, Part 2. The morning after the social media session at the convention, I conducted some quick "man on the street" interviews, asking people for their own definitions of blogging and podcasting. Every single person had a good answer!


Here are two videos from Common Craft that give additional definitions of blogging and podcasting: "Blogs in Plain English" and "Podcasting in Plain English."



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