Mitzvah Time: The Bridget Zinn Auction


    🕮    As you know, the usual focus of The Book of Life is Judaica. Today we focus not on Jewish content, but on a mitzvah, a good deed, in which The Book of Life is participating. It's the
Bridget Zinn Auction.

The Bridget Zinn Auction is a fundraiser for a fellow kidlit librarian/author who has cancer (learn more about her at The Book of Life has donated an audio interview to the auction, a great publicity opportunity for authors, bloggers, and others with a project to share. Our usual restriction to Jewish content will be waived for this interview, so feel free to bid even if you are not involved in Judaica. Please bid on all items at by May 31, 2009.

In today's podcast, we interview Jone MacCulloch, the organizer of the Bridget Zinn Auction. She was also the organizer of the 2008 Kidlit Bloggers Conference in Portland, OR. She blogs her poetry at and her school library blog, "Check It Out," is at


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Barbara Bietz said…

Thanks for the interview with Jone. We have a wonderful community of kidlit folks and we are all thinking of Bridget.

Barbara B