Facebook Giveaway

The Book of Life Facebook fan page, in the few short weeks of its existence, has already picked up over 100 fans. I am getting a huge kick out of this, because for the first time I can see the faces of the show's listeners! It feels much more personal than receiving comments on the blog.

When we hit #100 I was very excited, and I posted the question (on Facebook) of how we should celebrate. Several people commented, suggesting that we do a giveaway. You want it? You got it! When we reach the next milestone, 150 Facebook fans, we'll enter all 150 fans into a drawing for a book giveaway. Maybe we'll do this for every milestone of 50, having drawings at 200, 250, and so on. Let me know if you think this is a good idea by posting a comment.

For the 150 drawing, our prize will be a brand new book that I haven't read yet but I predict will be fun: The Disappearing Dowry, an Ezra Melamed Mystery by Libi Astaire from Zahav Press. I've read the sample pages available online and I'm getting a real kick out of the Jane Austen writing style combined with Jewish content. I haven't reached the mystery part yet, but I'm looking forward to it. It's a great comination of elements, and should make for fun summer reading. Thanks to Zahav Press for kindly donating a copy of the book for our giveaway!

If you're in a hurry to get the results of the drawing, do us both a favor and use the "Suggest to Friends" link on the Facebook fan page. And remember, your comments on the fan page wall are always welcome!


Jess Horwitz said…
A giveaway is a great idea! I'll spread the word to Kar-Ben fans too!
StephLove said…
What's not to like about free books?