Yaldah Magazine Wins $100,000!

Way back in October 2006, The Book of Life featured an interview with Leah Larson, the teenage founder of the magazine Yaldah, which is written, edited, and published by and for Jewish girls.

On September 24, 2008, I blogged about how Leah's mother Evelyn had entered the Wells Fargo Someday Stories Contest, in hopes of winning money to support expansion of Yaldah. I encouraged you to vote for Evelyn, and it looks like many of you heeded that call. Evelyn has won the grand prize of $100,000! Mazel tov of Evelyn, Leah, and all the girls who contribute to Yaldah!


Lisa said…
That is fabulous news! I sent an email to all our school faculty to vote for her. We like her magazine in our library. I am really excited for her!
Lisa Silverman