🕮    Are you a member of the tribe? Which tribe? What is a tribe, anyway? We explore the notion of "tribe" with several guests:

> Aaron Kula is director of the Klezmer Company Orchestra, the ensemble-in-residence of the library at Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, FL. We spoke to him about the KCO's CD Beyond the Tribes. Scroll down for a video that includes music from the CD and commentary from the orchestra.

> Tiffany Shlain is a documentary filmmaker, director of the Moxie Institute, and founder of the Webby Awards. We spoke to her about her short film The Tribe, which "
enlists pop icon Barbie to tackle the challenging issue of Jewish identity." Scroll down to watch a trailer for The Tribe, the entire 18-minute film, or a promotional video for Tiffany's next film Connected: A Declaration of Interdependence. 

> Rafael Goldchain is a professional photographer. His installation Familial Ground is the basis for his new book, I Am My Family: Photographic Memories and Fictions, a family album in which Rafael plays each role. Photographs from the book were recently exhibited at Galerie Claude Samuel in France, the gallery of a newly-discovered family member! We heard a little about this book during our Book Expo America series, and called Rafael to learn more. See selected images from I Am My Family here.



Marie Cloutier said…
Great podcast. I liked the Tiffany Shlain interview. I never knew the inventor of Barbie was Jewish. The Rafael Goldchain project reminds me of Hilary Carlip's recent book where she created characters based on found grocery lists and had herself photographed costumed as the different characters. It's intriguing to me when people take on all these different roles and explore varied personnages.