Holiday Heroes


    🕮    For this episode I've paired Red and Green and Blue and White by Lee Wind with The Christmas Mitzvah by Jeff Gottesfeld. These two 2021 holiday picture books are both based on true stories of allyship and they have a lovely synergy. 

These two fine people have been Book of Life guests before: You may remember Jeff from February 2020 when he told us about No Steps Behind: Beate Sirota Gordon's Battle for Women's Rights in Japan, and Lee from the June 2020 "Through the Window" diversity exchange episode, when we learned more about queer kidlit. Their new books really uphold the spirit of the holiday season with beautiful stories of bridge-building.

The Book of Life now has an AJL "sister podcast," Nice Jewish Books, a show about Jewish fiction for adults, hosted by my friend and fellow librarian Sheryl Stahl. Listen past the credits in today's episode to learn more, and check it out HERE.



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Annie Lynn said…
Hi! I am so happy to have discovered this show! I already had Lee’s book, but after listening to this podcast, I purchased Jeff’s as well through this site.
( Please excuse my leaving out illustrator names in this comment…you made these beautiful and so much more than words can describe)
This was the perfect combination of stories and people. There has not been a time when I read either of these books (at least 6 times each and also to my Ema and Abba) that I didn’t end up a crying yet hopeful mess. These books both model love, and how to be an upstander (so glad that word is being used and defined). Having worked with bullied students, including my own, I know they feel isolated and like people don’t care or don’t see what is going on. Sometimes that’s true, but often there ARE Upstanders, and it’s important for people to see and hear about these brave role models. Both my 80 y.o. folks asked if the stories were true. We hadn’t heard anything about these miracles. If more people stand together for what is right, and kind, others will take note. Maybe they will learn and join with others in welcoming new people from new lands with new customs, just waiting to be shared. I am so lucky to be in a community where we are diverse in every way, and people like helping each other celebrate their holidays, and get joy from it. I hope these are just two of many more wonderful books to come, filled with role models and Tikkun Olam. Best wishes for another Shana Tova😆Stay well. Peace, Annie Lynn, nice Jewish Girl from burbs of Philly✌🏼💖🎶🎨📚🌻