Video Episode: Artist Patricia Portillo


    🕮    Back in August 2006, author/illustrator Simms Taback was a guest on The Book of Life. He spoke about his classic picture book Joseph Had a Little Overcoat and his newer picture book Kibitzers and Fools. After the interview, he painted me the picture you see here of a dancing man with an iPod.

In 2020, the dancing man returned to me in a new form as a crocheted doll! I was so impressed that I invited Patti, the artist, to be a guest on the podcast.

Multi-talented mensch Patricia Portillo is an artist who works with fiber, clay, and other materials. She is also a voice artist and professional opera singer, and she dabbles in the culinary arts. Listen to the audio or watch the video below to learn more about her work and how you can commission her to make something for you too!

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Patricia's Recommendations for Boosting Black Voices



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Lisa Silverman said…
So fun! I came here to see the doll when I heard the podcast. Have you seen the Tel Aviv Museum of Jewish Diaspora, Bet HaTfutsot?

I visited there a while back and the exhibit on humor had an entire wall of Simms Taback drawings, and one of them greets you upon entering. You can see one in a photo on the site above and there are two quick spots they show the wall in the video too. Unfortunately they show everything else more than that wall, which I got very excited about. It was a great exhibition and it is still there because it was so popular.