Boosting Black Voices

Gianna Floyd, daughter of George Floyd, on the shoulders of friend Stephen Jackson


On the one hand, I want to speak up about systemic racism and to express my support for the Black community. On the other hand, as a White person I don't want to make this about me. So I'm going to take the advice of my friend and fellow podcaster Jaime Legagneur and boost Black voices. And I'm going to start with hers.

Jaime recorded this heartbreakingly honest podcast about her experience as a Black woman in America. Please listen, and follow the links to the many, many resources she has kindly provided.

Above you can see Gianna Floyd, the 6 year old daughter of murder victim George Floyd, whose death sparked the long-overdue demands for racial justice now sweeping the globe. A video clip of Gianna saying "Daddy changed the world!" has gone viral. Let's help make sure she's right.