Honeycake Magazine: A Guest Post by Anna Caplan

Hello everyone! My name is Anna Caplan. I’m a Jewish educator, a mom, and the creator of Honeycake magazine, a new Jewish literary magazine for two- to six-year-olds. I’m excited to tell you a bit about our history and what we’re working on now! To learn more, visit our website.

Our History
The idea for Honeycake came from my four-year-old daughter’s love of children’s magazines. One day as I was renewing her subscription to Ladybug magazine, it occurred to me that I had never seen a similar type of publication for Jewish kids. I started to think about the gaps I saw in contemporary American Jewish children's literature, and how a magazine could fill some of those gaps for our family.

I was curious about what other people thought of the idea of a Jewish children’s magazine, so I started reaching out to parents, grandparents, writers, artists, educators, and librarians. The response was overwhelmingly enthusiastic. I began putting together a team, including an advisory board and a creative director (who is both an experienced graphic designer and a Jewish grandparent). We decided to start by creating a single issue of Honeycake magazine, which would be funded through Kickstarter and released in December 2019.

About the Magazine
Honeycake magazine is for families who are interested in playful, imaginative Jewish stories and activities that reflect the racial and cultural diversity of the Jewish community. The first issue will be released in December 2019, just in time for Hanukkah. In it, you'll find twenty-four pages of stories and activities created for two- to six-year-olds by Jewish writers, artists, and educators.

Contents include stories, poems, songs, puzzles, comic strips, and art activities that help kids explore Jewish ideas.

Honeycake magazine is named for the sweet dessert some Jewish people eat on Rosh Hashana (the Jewish New Year), and for our goal of helping families share sweet Jewish moments. Honeycake is also the name of the fun-loving bear who guides children through the magazine, asking questions families can discuss together.

Kickstarter Campaign
For a limited time, the first issue of Honeycake can be pre-ordered through our Kickstarter campaign. Backers will receive their copy of the magazine in the mail in early December — just in time for Hanukkah! You can find Honeycake on Kickstarter from May 14 to June 6, 2019.

Submit Your Work
We are accepting submissions through July 1, 2019 for our Hanukkah issue. Writers can submit work to us at submissions@honeycakemagazine.com. Visit our website for details about what we’re looking for.

We’re also interested in hiring a freelance editor to work on our first issue. The ideal candidate will have experience working on manuscripts for young children as well as a background in Jewish education. If this sounds like you or someone you know, we’d love to hear from you at hello@honeycakemagazine.com.

The Future of Honeycake
We have big plans for Honeycake! As we grow, we intend to publish four to six issues each year. We’re also exploring the possibility of adding a section for older children, so that the magazine can be shared with the whole family. Our vision is that Honeycake will serve as a platform for Jewish writers and artists and inspire the creation of new work. To follow us on our journey, you can subscribe to our email newsletter. You can also find us on Facebook and Instagram at @honeycakemagazine.

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