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Monday, March 11, 2019

Fania's Heart: A Birthday Card in Auschwitz

The Book of Life’s Canadian Correspondent Anne Dublin spoke to author Anne Renaud after she won the 2018 Canadian Jewish Literary Award for Fania’s Heart, a Holocaust picture book for older readers. It’s the true story of a heart-shaped birthday card created in Auschwitz at great personal risk by women prisoners, from scraps of fabric, stolen materials, and glue made out of bread and water, for the 20th birthday of fellow prisoner Fania Landau Fainer. The real heart is now in the Montreal Holocaust Museum, and it’s one of the few surviving objects created by prisoners of Auschwitz. Be sure to check out this documentary, which was the inspiration for Renaud to write this book.

For a book about Fania, aimed at teen readers, see Paper Hearts by Meg Wiviott.


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Erika D. said...

This is queued up in my podcast library. Thank you for sharing it with the Jewish Book Carnival.