Beyond the Holocaust and Holidays: A Writing Symposium


    🕮     Highlights Magazine was a staple of waiting rooms when I was a kid. I loved to read the stories and solve the puzzles, and I always looked for The Timbertoes comics. Today, Highlights is still going strong with magazines for children of all ages and a strong digital presence. There is also a Highlights Foundation, which sponsors workshops to help authors and illustrators hone their craft.

"Beyond the Holocaust and Holidays: Who Are We and What Are We Writing?" is a symposium for Jewish children's literature, welcoming novelists and publishing professionals to Honesdale, PA, March 15-18, 2019. (Click here for info on scholarships.) A stellar faculty will lead discussions on issues both practical and philosophical. For this episode of The Book of Life, we've gathered four of those faculty members for our own discussion:

  • Adam Gidwitz, author of The Inquisitor's Tale, the Grimm series of books and podcasts, and The Unicorn Rescue Society series. He last appeared on The Book of Life in January 2017.
  • Susan Kusel, author of the forthcoming Capital Magic, synagogue librarian, and chair of the Sydney Taylor Book Award committee. She last appeared on The Book of Life in January 2018.
  • Katherine Locke, author of the Red Balloon novels. She last appeared on The Book of Life in October 2018.
  • Rena Rossner, literary agent and author of The Sisters of the Winter Wood. This is her first appearance on The Book of Life.


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Unknown said…
Great episode, Heidi! I appreciated the perspectives of your guest authors, all of whom I admire. However, one point that I think was missing from the "#ownvoices" conversation was the fact that just because an author shares the background/identity of their subject matter does not make them an expert. Books written in #ownvoices can still be inaccurate and/or inauthentic. All authors, editors, publishers still need to fact check. For Jewish authors this means that you can't trust what you think you learned in Hebrew School 30 years ago!
Anonymous said…
Sounds like a great conference! Thank you so much for sharing on the MDBD linky and for your support of Multicultural Children's Book Day!
Clipping Path said…

Simply wish to say the frankness in your article is surprising.