Thursday, August 31, 2017

The Last Shepherd

Filming of "The Last Shepherd"

The Last Shepherd by Evil Sun Productions is a Hebrew-language indie comedy adventure scifi fantasy film with elements of Jewish mysticism and kabbalah, made in Israel. To summarize, "A geeky programmer and his rebellious co-worker are taken by a mysterious biblical figure on a cross country adventure, trying to stop an ancient evil force, while being chased by government agents." 

Back in January 2016, I Skyped with actors Uri Lifshitz and Roni Weissman, writer Gai Bosco, and post production manager Dovi Shraga. Then I sat on the interview, waiting for the film to become available in North America. It hasn't happened yet, but I got tired of waiting. Instead, I'm hoping listeners will be proactive in helping to get the film more widely distributed. If this interview piques your interest, please request that your local Jewish film festival or your local Comic Con screen it!



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