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Saturday, March 18, 2017


March 2017 is #trypod month - a time to try a new podcast, and to show your friends how to listen to podcasts if they don't yet know. The campaign was organized by NPR to encourage the one in five Americans who listen to podcasts to help their friends start a listening habit too. Use the hashtag #trypod as you share your story about why you listen and your suggestions of favorite shows.

I listen to podcasts to be informed, to get a mood boost, and for professional development. But the big reason I listen to podcasts is to feel connected. When I have someone's voice in my ear, it's an intimate feeling, like they are speaking directly to me. These podcasters share my interests and concerns, and they make me feel connected to them as individuals, and to the issues being discussed. #trypod

Here are a few of my favorites:

To be informed, I listen to CodeSwitch, a podcast about race, A Way With Words, a show about language and how we use it, and the TED Radio Hour, which is about ... everything.

For a mood boost, I listen to Grownups Read Things They Wrote As Kids, a Canadian live show where people read from old diaries and homework assignments, Harry Potter and the Sacred Text, a fandom version of Torah study, and Verity, an international podcast hosted by six smart women seriously discussing Doctor Who.

For professional development as a Judaica librarian, I listen to Unorthodox from Tablet Magazine (see my recent interview with the hosts), Can We Talk? from the Jewish Women's Archive, and I've just started listening to All the Wonders, a show about children's books.

How to Listen to Podcasts (a brush-up for you, a primer for your friends):

You can listen to a podcast by going to its website and clicking the PLAY button for any episode (that's called "streaming"). You can also subscribe to podcasts so the newest episodes will be waiting for you on your device (computer, mobile phone, tablet, etc). To do this, you need an app such as iTunes or Stitcher. Most of the apps are free, and most podcasts are also free. To learn more about podcast basics click here; to learn about podcast listening apps ("podcatchers") check out this Best Of list.

I hope you'll help your friends learn how to enjoy podcasts, and please do recommend that they try The Book of Life!

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