Top Ten(ish) Jewish Podcasts

Moment Magazine's July/August 2016 issue included a rundown of their Top Ten Jewish Podcasts. While they did not mention The Book of Life, I was happy that listener Erika D. mentioned it in the comments. I was also pleased to see several of my own favorite Jewish podcasts on the list: Can We Talk? from the Jewish Women's Archive and The Kibitz from Reboot. Many commenters mentioned another one of my favorites, Unorthodox from Tablet Magazine, and I took it upon myself to add a comment about the sadly now-defunct Vox Tablet (hear my interview with host Sara Ivry here).

It's exciting that there are so many Jewish podcasts that a top ten list can be made, with more podcasts to spare! What are your own favorite Jewish podcasts? Go to and leave your own comments!


KSP said…
Great discussion! I miss these lively exchanges and you all so much!