Monday, January 14, 2013

McFarland: Goyish Name, Jewish Books

McFarland Publishing's name and logo don't seem very Jewish, but you may be surprised to learn that they have a strong selection of Jewish titles in their catalog. This podcast is a show-floor interview from ALA, with McFarland's own Karl-Heinz Roseman, who very kindly allowed me to come back and complete our interview the next day, after the batteries in my recorder died.




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Heidi Estrin said...

I've received a private comment stating that my description of McFarland as "goyish" may have been seen as insulting. I want to state for the record that no offense was intended and that I was not using the word in a negative way. "Goyish" is simply a Yiddish term describing non-Jewishness; whether that implies a compliment, an insult, or a neutral statement of fact depends on the context.

In this case, I was genuinely surprised to find so many Jewish-content offerings by a publisher whose name AND logo so obviously represent a different ethnicity. I hope the interview makes it obvious that this was a pleasant surprise. I absolutely do not subscribe to the viewpoint that only those within a group should write or publish about that group.

Thanks to all for your attention and concern, and for the opportunity to clarify my thinking.