Thursday, September 13, 2012

Looking For Me in this Great Big Family

I met author Betsy Rosenthal at the ALA (American Library Association) conference, and grabbed a quick interview on the showroom floor. Betsy is the author of Looking For Me in this Great Big Family, a fictionalized tale of her mother's experience growing up as one of twelve Jewish siblings in Baltimore, Maryland during the Depression.




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Unknown said...

I picked up this book while I was visiting CA for a conference. As I was strolling down a lovely street with my colleagues, I found a free lending library. "I bet you I can find a good poetry book," and I opened the tiny glass door. And there it was, capturing my eyes, a wooden doll and the title Looking For ME. I absolutely love reading each page, unfolding your mother's story written with your beautiful (and sometimes heart-aching) words.

Thank you,