The Book of Life Moves to a Relaxed Schedule

I've been podcasting here at The Book of Life since December 2005. It's been a great opportunity for me to have conversations with all sorts of fascinating people, but as you can imagine, putting the show together is a time-consuming process. That's why, as of December 2011, I'm moving the show to an "occasional" instead of a monthly schedule. When I find something too interesting to resist, I'll podcast it, but new episodes will no longer appear on a regular basis. Hopefully, this will give you the chance to catch up on listening to old episodes (six years' worth!) at If you're not yet subscribed to the show through iTunes or Facebook, I recommend that you do so now so that you'll get notified about any new episodes as they are posted. It will save you the trouble of checking The Book of Life web page.

Thanks for listening, everyone!


I will miss your regular podcasts. I recommend 'The Book of Life' to all and it is on my blog and on the website of Bialik High School.
Lisa said…
You have done such an amazing job with the podcast and I always enjoy listening. (I have a long drive to work.) I'll keep downloading to my ipod!