Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Shalom Sesame

Shalom Sesame is a program that combines elements of the American TV show Sesame Street with its Israeli counterpart Rehov Sumsum. The program was originally produced in the 1980's, and has just been revamped and reissued on DVD. The Chanukah episode, "The Missing Menorah," will be airing on many PBS stations during December, 2010, so check your local listings. This interview with Veronica Wulff, Director of Global Production at Sesame Workshop, gives us some insight into the creation of the series. For more Shalom Sesame fun, visit





Produced by: Feldman Children's Library at Congregation B'nai Israel
Supported in part by: Association of Jewish Libraries
Theme music: The Freilachmakers Klezmer String Band
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"Shalom Sesame Theme" used in this episode courtesy of Sesame Workshop (New York, NY).

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