Shooting My Mouth Off with Laurel Snyder

So my friend Laurel Snyder (who was on The Book of Life in August, 2008, and whose book Baxter, The Pig Who Wanted to Be Kosher was mentioned in the BEA09 episode) made the mistake of giving me a soapbox upon which to climb. She's one of the bloggers at From The Mixed-Up Files of Middle-Grade Authors, and she wanted to do a piece on Jewish middle-grade books so she emailed me a bunch of questions. Took me all day, but I wrote up some ideas and suggestions, which you can read here at the interview, (Sometimes-Not-So) All-of-a-Kind Families. There's an interesting discussion going in the comments section, too -- feel welcome to join in!


Et said…
This interview should be sent to all Judaic librarians who deal with middle grade readers. Heidi, you've outdone yourself! Great job!!