Sunday, July 04, 2010

2010 AJL Convention Session: AJL & Social Media

At the Association of Jewish Libraries 2010 Convention, I co-presented a session on AJL & Social Media with Diane Romm. This post is our online handout, and a record of our presentation.

Also relevant is the four-part series "Why Be Social?" that appeared on The Book of Life podcast in 2009. You can listen to all four parts here:

LINKS mentioned in Part 1:

Association of Jewish Libraries:

AJL Wiki:

Past AJL Conventions:

Sydney Taylor Book Award:

Convention Stipends:

AJL Newsletter:

Bibliography Bank:

Jewish Values Finder:

LINKS mentioned in Part 2:

The AJL Blog:

The AJL Podcast:

AJL on Facebook:

Jewish Values Finder on Facebook:

Book of Life Podcast on Facebook:

AJL on Twitter:

Forwords Books:

Jewish Books for Children with Author Barbara Bietz:

Tablet & Vox Tablet:

The Jewish Book Council Blog:

The Whole Megillah:

The Jewish Publication Society Blog:

Mitali's Fire Escape (post about Ethnic Book Awards):


Amazon Book Reviews (a how-to):

AJL on Wikipedia:

Bonus Link: Kathe Pinchuck's new blog, Life is Like a Library:

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