Pictures from Planet Esme

During the
Association of Jewish Libraries convention in Chicago, IL, I had the chance to visit the Planet Esme Bookroom, otherwise known as "the Gingerbread Apartment" because of its whimsical architecture. The Bookroom is a real treat for kidlit fans, stuffed to the gills with books, toys, and reading-related decorations. Every detail has been lovingly thought out to make visitors smile, from the wolf and sheep puppets lying peacefully together atop the photocopier, to the cuckoo clock that sings out the time.

The Bookroom is the brainchild of Esme Raji Codell, author of Sydney Taylor Honor Book Vive la Paris, AJL Notable Book Hanukkah Shmanukkah, and the inspiring book for teachers, Educating Esme, among many others. It functions as a private salon where she hosts events that celebrate literature, like the wonderful pizza party she threw for lovers of Judaica during the AJL Convention.

To see an album of photos from the Planet Esme Pizza Party, visit The Book of Life's Facebook fan page at (You can view it even if you're not a Facebook member... but if you are a member, please do become a fan while you're there!)

I recorded several interviews during the party, so watch The Book of Life for upcoming conversations with Esme herself, along with Rich Michelson, Mark Blevis, Lisa Silverman, April Halprin Wayland, and Jenny Meyerhoff.


Listen to an audio tour of the Bookroom recorded at the 2007 Kidlit Bloggers conference by podcaster Mark Blevis of Just One More Book.

See more pictures and learn more about the Bookroom from the ALA librarians who followed in AJL's footsteps, visiting the Bookroom for a brunch later the same week. Fuse #8 blogged about ALA 2009, A Visit to Planet Esme's Bookroom.


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I loved seeing the pictures; thanks for sharing them!