Friday, June 12, 2009

Tillmon County Fire

Author Pamela Ehrenberg is not afraid to tackle big topics. Her first book, Ethan, Suspended, explored issues of race relations (see our February 2008 podcast for a discussion of Ethan, Suspended). Her new book, Tillmon County Fire, examines the many forms that prejudice can take, using the voices of teens who are gay, Jewish, adopted, autistic, abused, or marginalized in other ways. Amazingly, Pam's books are far from preachy. They are compellingly readable, and her characters are very real people. They are brave books, and I highly recommend that you read them.

To learn more about Tillmon County Fire, check out the stops on Pam's Blog Tour at!

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Pamela Ehrenberg said...

Thanks so much, Heidi! What a happy surprise to start the weekend on! Many thanks for all of your support and friendship throughout...