Truth or Dare



    🕮    Judy Blundell has written over a hundred books under various pen names, but won the National Book Award in the Young People's Literature category with her first book in her own name. The book is called What I Saw and How I Lied and it's a noir-inspired mystery and coming of age story set in post WWII Palm Beach. Like real life, the story is complex, multi-layered, and not easy to sum up, but just to give you an idea, it's the story of Evie Spooner, whose stepfather Joe has returned from the war and whisked Evie and her mother off on a spur of the moment vacation to Florida. Their vacation is shadowed by a mysterious and handsome stranger who knew Joe in the army. Bit by bit, Evie starts to uncover the dark connections between the adults in her life.


Enjoy Judy Blundell's National Book Award acceptance speech (with introduction by Lemony Snicket!), and hear "Long Ago and Far Away," the song that inspired Judy as she wrote - first the Jo Stafford version, then the scene from the movie musical "Cover Girl" with Rita Hayworth and Gene Kelley!




Barbara Bietz said…

Thanks for sharing this terrific interview! It's always fascinating to hear the "back story" from an author.