Someday Stories

Way back in October 2006, The Book of Life featured an interview with Leah Larson, the teenage founder of the magazine Yaldah, which is written, edited, and published by and for Jewish girls. I just got an email from Leah, and this is what she said:


I wanted to share some exciting news with you. YALDAH has been chosen as one of five finalists in Wells Fargo Bank's "Someday Stories" contest. The general public is voting on their favorite story on, and on November 10th the story with the most votes will be awarded $100,000!! I'm sure you can imagine how far $100,000 will get YALDAH!

We've been in first place since the contest opened, but others are catching up fast. If you could please let all your friends/family/contacts know how they can vote, that would be a huge help.

Please consider supporting Leah's publishing efforts! Visit Someday Stories and vote for "Evelyn from MA" - that's Leah's mom. You need to register to vote in the contest, but it's free. Voting ends November 10, 2008 and the grand prize winner will be announced on November 17, 2008.


Leah Larson said…
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Leah Larson said…
Thanks so much for spreading the word! I just created a widget with info, links & a countdown of how many dates are left to vote. You can embed it in your blog by going to (scroll to the bottom of the homepage) and click 'share' on the bottom left corner of the widget. You'll get lots of options for sharing on facebook, myspace, blogs, e-mail, etc.
Thanks again!