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Sunday, July 06, 2008

Book Expo, Part 3: Jewish Books for Adults

What's new in Jewish books for adults? Follow me around the 2008 Book Expo America conference to listen in on publishers and authors talking about their new and forthcoming titles!

This series includes four episodes: In Part 1 we heard about Jewish pictures books. Part 2 was about Jewish books for older kids and teens. This is Part 3, and Part 4 will be about books (for all ages) relating to the Holocaust.

Part 3, Jewish Books for Adults

Coffee House Press
Jealous Witness, Poems by Andrei Codrescu, with CD Maelstrom: Songs of Storm & Exile by the New Orleans Klezmer AllStars

Harper Perennial
Just Say Nu by Michael Wex
Who by Fire by Diana Spechler

Princeton Architectural Press
I Am My Family: Photographic Memories and Fictions by Rafael Goldchain

URJ Press (Union for Reform Judaism)
The Torah: A Women's Commentary edited by Tamara Cohn Eskanazi and Andrea Weiss

Gayla Gabriel, author
Leaving with Love: Eternal Messages from the Heart




Our background music is provided by The Freilachmakers Klezmer String Band. Additional background music in this episode came from the CD Maelstrom: Songs of Storm & Exile by the New Orleans Klezmer AllStars.

Books mentioned on the show may be borrowed from the Feldman Children's Library (or for this episode, they might be in the Adult Library) at Congregation B'nai Israel. (Or if they're too new to be in the library now, they will be once they are published!)

Your feedback is appreciated! Please write to bookoflifepodcast@gmail.com! Or even better, if you know of any new Jewish books I missed seeing at Book Expo, please post a comment!


Anonymous said...

These book expo podcasts are terrific! What a great idea and wonderful help for those of us who weren't there. I always look forward to the next book of life podcast and these were an extra treat. You're such an asset to AJL! Thanks for keeping us listening!
Toby Harris

Anonymous said...

Thanks Heidi,
I love getting these podcasts that I can listen to when I'm working and also being exposed to books that are hot off the press. The book expo podcasts make me feel like I'm there! The music is an added bonus.

Francine Menken
JCC Library
West Bloomfield, MI