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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Meet Markus!

OK, here's your big, last-night-of-Hanukkah present: an embeddable flash player so you can enjoy The Book of Life on your own web page, blog, or social network!

And to go with it, I've uploaded a bonus episode, "Meet Markus!" This is a live, unedited talk recorded at the independent bookstore Books & Books in Coral Gables, Florida with Markus Zusak, author of The Book Thief.

Let me tell you a little more about the new podcast player widget, provided by Big Contact (btw, I must tell you that they have excellent customer service! They were a huge help to me when I ran into trouble setting up this player!). The player you see here is just an image ... for the real player, please look on the sidebar to your right. ---->
(If you're not viewing this post at www.bookoflifepodcast.com, you can see the player here.)

You can scroll down the list of episodes and click on any title to play that show. The little tab with the musical notes will give you the Show Notes for that episode. The tab with the lines takes you back to the full list of all episodes. The + tab tells you how to subscribe to The Book of Life podcast. And the tab with the people on it helps you embed the player on your own site, as does the big button below the player that says "Play my show on your site."

Please do try out the new player, and consider putting it on your site to bring the show to an even wider audience! Let's get even more people excited about Jewish books, music, movies and web treasures!

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Anonymous said...

Heidi and all you book-hounds out there.

I frequent "Casa del Libro", a book shop here in Valencia because not only does it have a good selection of all types of books but it has a terrific cafe on the second floor with a balcony that hangs over the first floor so you can spy on how everyone is messing up the orderly arrangements of books on the carrels. A couple of weeks ago, from over a cup of coffee while looking down at the customers below, the cover of "La Ladrona de Libros" caught my eye but I didn't pay it much mind.
Just this morning though, I was listening to Heidi's podcast as I always do because it's so damned good and entertaining. The interview with Mr Zusak was cracker jack. Only towards the end of it did it dawn on me that "The Book Thief" had been translated into spanish. No sooner did I finish listening to the interview than I got on my bike and pedalled off to "Casa del Libro" and bought "La ladrona de libros" which I read, upstairs on the balcony, overlooking a cup of coffee. Both were very very good.

>[from Heidi's message to Hasafran, the listserv of the Association of Jewish Libraries:]Go to The Book of Life web page at www.bookoflifepodcast.com, look for the player in the right-hand sidebar, and click on the big button that says "Play my show on your site" to get the HTML code.

Definitely do that. When I got home, I listened to Mr Zusak again. I laughed just as much the second as the first time.

Besos a todos
Alba Toscano
Sinagoga conservador/masorti La Javura

akidsbook said...

Dear Heidi,

Thank you so much. We are redoing our temple website and
I have done a section for our library. I have just forwarded your e-mail to our Executive Director asking him to add The
Book of Life podcast, as a link to our site.

I look forward to your podcast each month and want to share it with all of our congregants, as well.

I'm also enjoying your reviews in the School Library Journal. Whenever I see a book with Jewish content, I know to look for your name, as the reviewer, at the end.

Best wishes for a Happy New Year,

Lorelei Ennis
Temple Dor Dorim
Weston, FL

Nyssaneala said...

Thanks for visiting my blog, Heidi! And I'm glad to see you over at the Jewish lit challenge.

I've added you to my blog roll, I hope that's okay.