Thanksgiving Shout-Out Special


     🕮    In this episode of The Book of Life, a show about Jewish people and the books we read, we celebrate Thanksgiving with a special bonus episode!

> We hear from Todd Herzog, a Jewish musician/singer/songwriter from Phoenix, Arizona. Todd's spiritual pop music has a thankful quality about it that fits in well with Thanksgiving. Also check out Todd's MySpace page.

> We meet Maryann Kovalski, illustrator of the award-winning picture book Rivka's First Thanksgiving by Elsa Okon Rael.

> We learn about the Library Blogathon at the Feldman Children's Library (home base of The Book of Life). If you are a fan of books and libraries, you need to check out this blog! Available beginning November 21, 2007.

> Throughout the show we send shout-outs to various listeners who have sent in their comments and feedback to The Book of Life during the year. Do YOU have something to say? Be sure to email us at!

Background music is provided by The Freilachmakers Klezmer String Band. Additional background music for this episode is provided by Brian Smith at The Laughing Librarian's "BibDitties" (copyright 2006).

Books and CD's mentioned on the show may be borrowed from the Feldman Children's Library at Congregation B'nai Israel


Marie Cloutier said…
Heidi, I enjoyed your segment on "Rivka's First Thanksgiving." The kids at Temple Ohabei Shalom really enjoyed this book this year & when I sat down to read it I thought it was a really charming book. Rivka was a great character. I like that you asked the illustrator about issues illustrating the portion of the book when Rivka talks about the pogroms and how that might be a heavy subject for little kids. The librarian who read the story to the kids actually did a little quick editing and changed pogroms to "wars"- I'm not sure how I feel about this change but it's one way to handle it if one is concerned about the impact. Still, I thought the book was great & I think the kids agreed. Keep up the good work on the podcast. I'll keep listening!
Hi Marie! It is a difficult question, about how to handle serious subjects with young kids. I think it's pretty sensitively done in Rivka. But I can also understand your librarian's wish not to get involved in an explanation about pogroms during an otherwise festive Thanksgiving storytime. It's a judgement call when you need to edit while reading vs. when you need to use it as a teachable moment.
Thanks for listening!