Your Jewish Jokes Needed

Howdy, Book of Life Listeners! 

We are planning ahead for our Purim episode, and we need your help. In the spirit of Purim, the episode will focus on humor. WE WANT YOUR JEWISH JOKES! Some of the jokes submitted will appear on the show, and the very best jokester will receive a copy of Jewtopia, The Chosen Book for the Chosen People by Bryan Fogel & Sam Wolfson (yes, the same guys who created the hit play by the same name). 

Sumbit your joke (clean jokes only, please!) by email to Even better, if your computer has a microphone you can tell us your joke out loud using MyChingo - just click on the MyChingo button on The Book of Life web page at It only allows 2 minute recordings, so be quick... or call back and tell your joke in segments if you need to. Can't wait to hear your jokes! Happy New Year!