Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The Book of Life: Past, Present & Future

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This episode of The Book of Life, a show about Jewish people and the books we read, explores Jewish continuity. We'll hear from:

~ Alice Hoffman, best-selling author, about her new teen historical novel, Incantation
~ Abigail Pogrebin about her new book Stars of David, in which she interviews famous American Jews on their feelings about being Jewish
~ Steve Singer, founder of the contemporary Jewish a capella group LISTEN UP!
~ Leah Larson, the 15-year-old creator of the Jewish girls' magazine Yaldah

Background music is provided by The Freilachmakers Klezmer String Band.

All books and CD's mentioned on the show may be borrowed from the Feldman Children's Library at Congregation B'nai Israel. Browse our online catalog to reserve books, post a review, or just to look around!

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