Wednesday, July 05, 2006

The Book of Life in America, July 2006


Thanks to everyone who participated in The Book of Life survey, and mazel tov to Miriam Intrator, winner of the drawing for a gift certificate to Powell's City of Books. Although the prize has been won, YOU can still do a mitzvah by providing us with feedback! Fill out the survey now!

This episode of The Book of Life, a show about Jewish people and the books we read, celebrates Jewish life in America.
In this episode, we hear from:
* Linda Glaser and Phil Myzel, author and subject of the historical novel Bridge to America.
* CBI Music Director Susan Shane-Linder, reviewing the CD American Jewish Summer: Songs of the Jewish Youth Camping Movement.
* Susan Goldman Rubin, author of L'Chaim! To Jewish Life in America!
* "Super-Librarian" Nancy Pearl, whose book recommendations are featured in her Book Lust series, on her website, her podcast, and her TV show, and who is the only librarian to have her own action figure!


Lorelei said...


The podcast gets better each month. The dual interview with
Linda Glaser and Phil Mysel was
so moving and entertaining. And, Nancy Pearl was delightful. I especially enjoyed her review of "Thread of Grace", which I read recently and her "Rule of 50".


Lisa Silverman said...

That was fun, Heidi! I wrote down the books recommended by Nancy Perl and will make sure we have them in our library!

Lisa Silverman